We live in an historic time of deep disconnect from the earth, our home. The natural world has become polluted and the human diminished. Reduced to a mere physical entity seen only through physical eyes, we “see” the earth and one another as a “collection of objects, not as a communion of subjects,” as cultural historian Thomas Berry warns us. And yet, something within us tells us it is also a time of great transformation – a moment of grace if only we can learn to discern the signs.

We invite you to join with us in creating the Center’s work that gives evidence of this transformation and hope for the future.

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“There is a different way of knowing. The Center for Education, Imagination and the Natural World is about this other mode of consciousness. What you are doing at the Center is fundamental and deeply important at this time in history. The children of the twenty-first century will determine the fate of this planet. The twentieth century was a century of death and destruction. The twenty-first must be a century of life. The Center is giving children integral experiences, validating experiences to give immediacy to the natural world in the course of their own human development as an emerging consciousness in our time.”

~ Thomas Berry