Our Vision

“There is a different way of knowing. The Center for Education, Imagination and the Natural World is about this other mode of consciousness. What you are doing at the Center is fundamental and deeply important at this time in history. The children of the twenty-first century will determine the fate of this planet. The twentieth century was a century of death and destruction. The twenty-first must be a century of life. The Center is giving children integral experiences, validating experiences to give immediacy to the natural world in the course of their own human development as an emerging consciousness in our time.”

~ Thomas Berry

The Center for Education, Imagination and the Natural World is a leading advocate and model of a view of educational practice in which intuitive, imaginal and contemplative ways of knowing, in all their unifying capacities, are seen as central to the development of a mutually enhancing relationship between the human being and the natural world. Such a view, if practiced at all levels of learning, can begin to change our understanding of the role we play within this life-bearing process we know as “nature.”

Through its programs for educators and children, the Center is a national resource - a remarkable gestating environment - for reflection and practice that is leading to practical outcomes affecting the child, the natural world, and the culture at large.

The child awakens to
a universe. The mind
of the child to
a world of wonder.
Imagination to a world
of beauty.
to a world of intimacy.

It takes a universe
to make a child both
in outer form and inner
spirit. It takes
a universe to educate
a child. A universe
to fulfill a child.

Each generation presides
over the meeting of these
two in the succeeding

So that the universe
is fulfilled in the child,
and the child is fulfilled
in the universe.

While the stars ring out
     In the heavens!

~ Thomas Berry